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After hours: HONG KONG

After Hours is a portrait of Hong Kong at night. This vertical metropolis is one of the most densely populated cities in the world.


A circuitboard of skyscrapers and neon infrastructure, Hong Kong’s construction is a project without an end in sight.

Hong Kong pulses with life as it expands horizontally whilst compressing vertically.

Its inhabitants shape the city as the city simultaneously shapes its inhabitants. 

A melting pot of culture and architectural styles, Hong Kong has experienced a complex political history and rapid population growth.


This series aims to capture the sense of scale and atmosphere of Hong Kong.



I photographed the atmosphere and culture around Area 51, a highly secretive and much talked-about US airforce institution located in the desert of Nevada.


During the time of this story in late 2019 there was a lot of hype generated over the social-media fuelled plan to ‘Storm Area 51’. 

I met with local business owners and residents living in the vicinity and asked them about their everyday lives and extraterrestrial experiences.


Their feedback inspired me to make photographs that captured the surreal mood and uncanny aura of the region.